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A few weeks back I wrote a post asking whether the Law of Attraction was real. Part 2 was supposed to provide proof. Yes, it’s been a while, and no, I didn’t wait to respond because proof was lacking! Life these days is happily busy, and I’m missing blogging for you. So, finally, here’s the response.

Here are two particular cases. Most of my clients are spiritual entrepreneurs, including holistic practitioners – I love coaching them to step into their power and get more clients, because then I extend my reach to create more transformation in the world. I do, however, enjoy working with some corporate clients too. Last week on Monday I decided, “I’d like one more corporate coaching client.” Throughout the week, whenever I remembered, I sent a little message out to Divine Source, affirming this, in a clear way – with clarity and faith.

And on Friday, I received an inquiry from a great company I actually already admired, and we are starting work together this week! Proof? You decide for yourself.

Part 3: Another great example.


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