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Routine is great. No, really: if we had to reinvent the wheel every single day, how could we get anything done? At home, we brush our teeth, eat breakfast, get out of bed… and that helps us function. And at work (even if you work from home), we go through our days doing what is needed.

Over time, though, we can start to lose passion about what we’re doing. When everything gets too set, it becomes a drag.

What if life could become a creative act, wherever you go? And even if you work for a large corporation – or even if you are an entrepreneur who works out of your basement – can you imagine if your day was infused with creativity and aliveness, while still being productive?


  1. Let yourself vocalize today. Sing a little… make funny sounds! Dance, even – give yourself more expressive freedom to bring more aliveness to your day.
  2. Optimize your workplace performance by acting – playing a role – of someone who does your own job more efficiently, is even better, and has far more fun than you normally do! See what happens.
  3. Join me at the Creativity in Business Telesummit.

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OK, look. You likely don’t just want inspiration. We all want to find the answers. How to enjoy life. How to make good money. How to have successful relationships. Etc., etc., etc. All those questions that sound so basic, and yet which elude so many people.

So what if… the answers were actually… obstacles?

…Huh? In other words, what if the need to find that answer actually got in the way?

Because seeking an answer means trying to find information. But what you desire is a new experience – not just mental knowledge.

So, perhaps, you might try doing something new. Finding a new experience. Which means doing things you’ve never done before… because what you’ve done thus far hasn’t gotten you there.

Action: Break out of your routine. Do something new today – anything.


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