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It’s essential to take good care of ourselves: get good exercise, have alone time, do things that are nurturing for us. And it’s important to love and appreciate ourselves and our presence in the world.

The former is self-care, and the latter is self-love. There’s a subtle difference, however, when we look at self-cherishing. to overly “cherish” oneself over others, to place yourself higher than other people, means that you are worthy of more attention than others. This act strengthens and reifies the ego self, the part that most spiritual and religious teachings discuss as, in the end, less important.

Action: Today, notice your behavior toward yourself. Continue to love and appreciate yourself and take good care of your needs. However, if you find that you’re doing so to the extent that you’re forgetting to equally love other people, make an adjustment, and do some actions that love others, too.

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