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We often have a myriad of opinions and thoughts. I can’t deny that I sometimes favor complexity rather than reducing something down so that it loses all the nuances.

And yet, often the most power comes in simplicity. In truly listening to the heart of the matter, and conveying is as succinctly as possible.

That’s why these posts are relatively short – to give you enough to really sit with and meditate on. However, if you ever wonder, “Jonathan, what about X? Could you talk more about Y?” then please ask! Your comments, inquiries and feedback are always appreciated.

Action: Before expressing all aspects of a situation, really breathe into it, and feel what’s most true for you. And express it as such or act on it directly.


What’s complex, and what’s simple? And what should be what? Here’s a thought:

Thoughts are complex. Emotions are simple, but thoughts make them feel complex. Bodily sensations, and all sense perceptions, are simple. Opinions are complex… but the truth is simple.

OK, slightly more expanded upon: the mental plane, and thinking and reasoning, can easily become convoluted and/or drawn out. A pure emotion, such as anger, joy, love, etc., is what it is. Simple. But when we start questioning whether emotions are valid, or try to justify them, it gets complex. And a bodily sensation as well as what is perceived by the other senses is simple (sure, it may be subjective to some degree, but it’s simple.)

Action: If you want to keep things simple… get out of your head. Stop thinking about what to do. Feel what’s inside and around you, and let it inform you.

Of course, we could debate this and make it more complex if you like…

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