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Yes, we know terrible things are happening in the world. The media is more than happy to keep telling us as long as we’ll tune in. What can you do to shift your energy?
  1. Do a gratitude practice. Write down at least a few things every day for which you’re grateful.
  2. Don’t watch the news. If you need to know what’s happening, check it online. Briefly. No more than once a day. Instead, read something inspiring.
  3. Exercise. Keep energy running through your body, so that it doesn’t get stuck. This is especially important if you’re feeling fear.
  4. Tell others you love them. Express positive emotions to those you care about. Open your heart.
  5. Do something to help. Whether it’s giving to a pertinent charity or even going to assist personally, find a way to move past helplessness into action.

All in all, the above are actions. This type of “positive doing” will help you shift. And, if you happen to be the type of person who believes that everything is connected (see: quantum mechanics, Law of Attraction), your energy will, somehow, positively affect those who are suffering, too.


Impending nuclear meltdown. Tens of thousands dead. The earth’s axis is shifted. What should you do? Panic? Worry? Run around in circles?

Here’s the deal: bad, troublesome, and trying things always happen. Whether it’s Japan’s earthquake and the tsunamis, hurricanes, Libya or other upsetting governmental actions, upsetting things happen every day.

But here’s another perspective: every day, amazing things happen. Beautiful things. People helping other people altruistically. Beauty. Nature. Love. These are ┬ájust as much a part of our reality. And for every one of the aforementioned tragedies, everyday people are committing altruistic acts of love and kindness.

Unfortunately, they’re not as newsworthy, because the media needs a story – and a dramatic one is far more engaging than the beautiful ones.

Next up: specific ways to find peace amidst discord.

Whenever there’s a huge disaster, whether it’s the Twin Towers or Japan and the tsunamis, the media just loooooves to show trauma-inducing images over and over. How to stay sane??

Yes, it’s good to know what’s happening in the world – but traumatizing ourselves, and being absorbed in the Group Mind, is not beneficial. Steps:

  1. Don’t watch the news on TV. If you absolutely must see video, watch it online – once.
  2. Read news in the paper or online – and also read alternative news web sites and magazines for other points of view.
  3. Read blogs from people living in Japan – get the direct lowdown, not that put out by just the mainstream media.
  4. Only read once or twice a day. More often is just unnecessary. Fixating will not make things better.
  5. Visualize things improving.

Does visualizing help? Depends on your point of view. But I can promise that it’s certainly better for your state of mind, at the very least.


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