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Air is the realm of Mind. Let’s discuss a powerful visualization to clean out your energy.

Visualize a bright point of light. See it in the middle of the room, or perhaps a foot in front of your forehead.

Imagine that everything that doesn’t serve you – in your body, in your energy field, or even in the room – goes into the white ball of light. It could be a physical sensation, a memory, or an emotion. See it go inside the white light, until it’s completely dissolved.

Next, with your intention, send the ball of light out a window far away. Yawn, and explode the ball of energy.

Action: If you’re feeling out of it, try one of these. You may find a preference based upon what time you have, your mood, and the situation. Please leave a comment, and let me know how they go!


It’s truly amazing how quickly new horizons can appear. When we’re stuck, or in pain, all we know is the present. Ironically, pessimism and jadedness are self-fulfilling processes because they close down possibilities.

Yes, the Law of Attraction sounds like hype. But it isn’t. It’s a matter of simply tuning into All There Is. Because someone, somewhere, has been in your shoes and yet has created their dreams. You can do it, too. Really. Right Now. Change can happen this instant. But most likely, you need to prepare the way.

Action: Focus on what you truly desire. Open to the possibility that it can come forth. Trust its vision, and breathe into it. Stay with it, and let it emerge – or appear immediately.

If you want to create something, it’s essential to take only one step at a time, as the last post discussed. However, it’s also important to visualize. As the Law of Attraction states, if you want something, see it in its finished state. Imagine that you’re already living in it. Focus on how you feel. Basically, invest all of your senses, so that your visualization is not just visual, but also involves your entire bodily sensations.

And yes, continue to take action, and don’t get hung up by it not being in place yet. Just give it time. However, don’t stop visualizing everything that you desire. It makes a difference.

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