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daily inspiration: balancing work and rest (2 of 2)

Posted on: March 19, 2011

So, I’m sick. This forced rest honestly doesn’t inspire me to live life to the fullest or manifest my dreams. All I want to do is sleep, drink tea, and watch movies, even as I yearn to get out there and enjoy all the fun that beckons to me within the San Francisco Bay Area!

Yet my body forces me to listen and tune in to its needs – to slow down, and to get out of my habits and out of my head.

The Law of Attraction, through which we manifest consciously what we desire, requires letting go. But, technically, it’s about letting go of all the thinking, and letting the Universe take care of it. Being sick or having another physical issue means that we must follow it – which, ironically, helps us mentally let go.

Action: Listen to whatever in your body ails you. Breathe into it, and imagine what its message might be for you, for any change you need to make in your life.


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