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Are you sick of feeling lack about money, and not knowing where to get enough clients? Or, perhaps you know… and yet it still feels like a struggle. There are honestly numerous reasons why holistic practitioners, coaches, and other conscious, spiritual entrepreneurs who are trying to really do good work in the world find themselves stuck and under-earning. One frequent issue: we are not aligned in our truth. This may show up as…

  • Using marketing or messaging techniques that feel forced, fake or salesy… because that’s what you’ve been taught or see others doing
  • Not having identified your heartfelt niche or calling that really excites and motivates you to move forward
  • Not standing in the true power of your work – which means you may be undercharging, or simply undercutting your value through unconfident nonverbal communication (so that others aren’t compelled to hire you)
  • Energetically not attracting clients who really would benefit from your work – and who you just love!
It’s absolutely essential to step into our truth. Into our power. And into absolute integrity.

This can feel like a really personal issue… that must be dealt with in whatever way. So I encourage you to ask yourself some deep questions, such as:
  • What feels really alive in your work in the world? What do you love?
  • Are there business-building techniques (ways of finding clients) you’ve been taught that don’t really feel good? What are they?
  • What’s really missing for you in your work?
You have the choice to be in alignment. It requires A) letting go of that which doesn’t feel right… and B) getting any help you need to step into what is your true path, and to be compensated well for giving forth your greatest gifts. If you’re working with the wrong mentors, it just won’t work. And you’ll know when you find the right ones, because it’s a much easier Yes (even if you feel resistant)… and they get you. The right ones don’t try to force you to conform to a prefabricated system, but make sure that it works for you. Overall, the questions boil down to this:

What feels out of alignment? And what help do you need? 
Please share, and write in comments below.

Blessings to you and to all of those who need your sacred work!

P.S. It can feel really vulnerable to speak your truth on something like this. And yet, if you do, I guarantee you’ll be speaking for 100 people who read this and don’t write anything. And you’ll inspire them to be okay with where they are at, too. You aren’t alone. Please share!
P.S.S. If you’re really ready for a breakthrough, and want to get out of the rut, I’m forming an affordable “thriving practice” group to address these issues, and also work with clients privately on all of the above. Email me to express interest in the group, or set up a time for a complimentary breakthrough session, to find the option that’s right for you.

If things just aren’t moving for you, whether it’s a creative block, or you just feel stuck, you can take practical steps – literally. Try some of the following:

  1. Go for a walk. Exercise is a great way to get the energy moving. Even walking around the block can help! Getting in nature is even better.
  2. Visualize. Imagine how you’d like your life to be, or whatever you’d like to be shifted. Engage all 5 senses, picturing how you’d fully engage with your new life. Reinforce this several times a day.
  3. Create the worst version possible. Get out of the perfectionist mindset by literally creating a horrible, terrible version of whatever is your ideal goal. I mean really, really bad. Maybe even two or three times! …Maybe you’ll just happen to find some gems you can keep.

Part 3: Opening to change.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a rut – or perhaps mired in a painful situation – it can feel like there’s no end in sight, as much as we want one. Conversely, at times, we can find change threatening – especially if we have things we like.

Yet, ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus duly noted, “The only constant is change.” Every moment is different and brings new opportunities. The seasons progress, we age and see things differently, and the world changes. Whether it’s political upheaval in the middle east, natural disaster in Japan, or a technological innovation that shifts how people work and send information, Shift Happens.

Part 2: how to get things moving when we feel stuck.

In part 3 of getting over blocks, we saw that a block may be an aspect of yourself that has a message, and needs more room to express itself. Another approach, for creative blocks in particular,  is that they represents something that might not be the right path for you at this time. Perhaps it’s more an idea that sounds great – or something that was more alive for you in the past. Maybe this isn’t just the right time to bring a particular project forth.

Action: If you feel a block around a particular creative project or endeavor, it may a sign that your energies should be placed elsewhere. Think of different projects on your drawing board. With each one, notice how your body feels: tense? relaxed? energized? Move forward with the one that has the most positive energy within, and release – for now – whichever ones feel more constricted.

What happens when we have a hard time with something, such as a creative block? Generally, we want it to go away. Scram! Ciao!

Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t help – because it’s part of us. If you’re having an emotion, a thought pattern, or a physical sensation, even, that’s actually something within you that is sending an important message. And if you just tell it to go away, well… it’ll likely return with a vengeance.

Ironically, often the best way to move through something you wish to transform is to give it more space! Strange, eh? But by giving this energy within you  much more room to express, it then has the needed room to change.

Action: The next time you have an undesired emotion or a creative block, visualize it expanding to fill your whole body… then the whole room… the building… the city. Keep breathing deeply into it, and let it expand as far as needed. Talk to it as if it had its own intelligence, and ask what it needs. Work with it. Then, see how you feel.

Part 4: listening to blocks’ messages.

Last we looked at how to get over blocks, we saw that blocks can be emotional or creative. They could also be mental, where we just think that something is in our way. Of course, this generally triggers an emotional block, because we have all sorts of feelings around the idea that what we desire is not accessible to us.

The movie The Secret and other Law of Attraction teachings often begin with the mental: by simply knowing what we really want, and visualizing it as if it were already here, it can simply come into our lives. Unfortunately, this oversimplification ignores the essential emotional component of manifesting (see this previous blog post). When we have an active block, though, we must work through it.

Next up: more strategies for dissolving blocks.

Oh, blocks, how we know ye well. You’re so good at surfacing when we want to move forward. But there it is. Perhaps it’s a creative block, and you can’t finish creating that poem / painting / song / macrame that’s awaiting. Or, it’s an emotional block, such as fear, frustration, anger, pessimism, or other negative feelings. Yes, those are blocks – they inhibit us from moving forward, and make us stop dead in our tracks.

So let’s look at some way to work with them. Here’s the first.

Look at your blocks. But rather than being upset, frustrated or, well, blocked, there’s another choice: honor them. Stop wishing they would go away. Perhaps they’re actually a gift in disguise. Like with anything negative, it’s possible to turn to it and say, “Like all things in my life, this is a lesson that seeks to bring me health and healing.” Ask what it’s wanting you to heal and shift within yourself, or possibly externally.

Part 2: mental blocks and the Law of Attraction

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