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Ride the Wave of Inspiration

Posted on: February 2, 2011

If you’re going to start something, finish it – as soon as possible. When inspiration comes, don’t get distracted. Even as a phone call comes in while I write this, I have her hold momentarily so I can get this down very quickly. If I waited just a moment… the inspiration may have disappeared already.

So when that energy arrives, ride it. Surf. Go. Let it take you somewhere new and unpredictable. Trust it.

OK, sure, it’s best sometimes to take a little time to sit with big decisions. That’s fine. But not too long. The very second it becomes clear, do it. Without delay. If you wait, the energy will change, and may possibly become Doubt. Or Worry. Guilt, if it hasn’t been done in too long. Or, a Burden That Needs To Be Done.

So trust the raw inspiration and move. Don’t lose it.


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